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Family Martial Arts Centre (Pendlebury)
Peter Watt

175 Station Road, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 6BU

Welcome to the Pendlebury full-time centre,

My name is Peter Watt and I am the Chief Instructor of the Pendlebury Centre, providing classes for adults, children and families, from beginners to blackbelts and beyond.

Our centre is a state of the art martial arts facility, purpose built and offerring:-

– Family friendly classes from 3yrs to 63yrs+!
– Professional Blackbelt Instructors
– Beginners Classes 5 Days Per Week
– Martial Arts Safety Floor
– Fully Equipped with punch bags, strike shields etc
– Pro Shop for all your martial arts gear
– Changing rooms

I am a Certified Blackbelt Instructor in the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do and I teach professionally.  I’ve helped many students achieve their goals including improved fitness, weight control, confidence, self discipline and self control.

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Beginners Martial Arts Positive Start Programme

Our Positive Start Programme has been designed to introduce the beginner to the fascinating world of martial arts and prepare them for their Blackbelt training. While it is never too late to learn, the sooner you begin the learning process the better.

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Tiger Tots – Martial Arts for Children 3yrs+ (Selected Centres Only)

It can be difficult to find something that is suitable for younger children that they are interested in and maintains their attention while simultaneously nurturing and developing them as individuals; that is why we established the Tiger Tots programme. Designed to help your children have fun while developing and strengthening their listening skills, promoting confidence, exercise and respect.

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Children's Martial Arts

Children develop their foundation in martial arts with new skills, new challenges, and new responsibilities that prepare them to be confident young adults. Always fun and fast-paced, our karate kids build mental toughness, set and achieve goals, learn self-defence and conflict resolution, increase strength, conditioning, flexibility, and stamina. Most importantly develop a healthy self-image.

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Adult Martial Arts

Adults join our in martial arts classes for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, martial arts serve as an effective avenue for physical fitness, promoting strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Beyond the physical aspects, students experience heightened mental well-being through improved focus, stress relief, and increased self-discipline. Martial arts also instil a sense of confidence and self-defence skills, fostering a greater sense of personal security.

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Classes For The Whole Family

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Family Martial Arts Programme! The entire family can join in the excitement together. Get ready for a transformative experience that not only shapes you physically but also equips you with invaluable self-defence skills and boosting self-confidence. Come and have a try at one of our fantastic family classes where fitness meets family fun, and let us guide you towards a healthier, more confident family. Unleash your potential – join us for an adventure that goes beyond the mat!

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Martial Arts Can Help You With:



Weight Loss

ADHD, ASD, Autism, Aspergers

Anti-Bullying & Self Defence

health and fitness

Fitness & Health

Focus & Concentration

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So if you think you might like to try something new, make new friends that are like minded or improve your fitness, confidence and self belief, then why not come along and try a free lesson with one of my instructors and take that first step.

Please call or fill in the form opposite for prices, timetable and details of our web special offer!

Best wishes.

Peter Watt
Chief Instructor
Pendlebury Family Martial Arts Centres

For martial arts, karate & kickboxing classes in Pendlebury area.

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Family Martial Arts Centre (Pendlebury)
Peter Watt

T: 0161 728 4449

175 Station Road, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 6BU