Family Martial Arts

Attention Parents

The whole family can now learn Martial Arts together! (children 3 years+). We will get you and your family into the best shape of your lives, teach you self defence, help you reach your goals, meet new friends, increase your self confidence and much, much more. We also organise regular family days out together, such as Ramble Walks in the countryside.

The Family Martial Arts Centres® programme is rigorously designed in conjunction with experts in the field of education to provide social, physical and emotional growth for the whole family. We work hand in hand with parents and children to gain the best outcome for every family.

At Family Martial Arts Centres® young people are taught that through dedication and hard work, all worthwhile goals in life are possible. It’s an age-old message but is often forgotten these days. Parents have attributed our programme with improved grades at school as a direct result of the increased achievement, motivation, self direction, and self-confidence provided by the programme. Parents also gain their own increased self confidence and self defence skills. The benefit of knowing how to ensure your safety in any given situation gives you a sense of control and empowerment over everything you do in your daily life. Your children will see this increased confidence in you and this will help then feel more confident and secure themselves as a result.

Goal Setting:

It is important for each child to learn to set short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals. At Family Martial Arts Centres®, every child’s goal is the Black Belt, a symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity, and for teaching the importance of follow-through in any activity.

Emphasis On Schoolwork:

All young people in the programme are encouraged to excel at school through the implementation of our self improvement record system. This helps support our focus on academic excellence as well as contribute to the family and the community.

Family Martial Arts Centres® instructors work hand-in-hand with school teachers and parents to ensure a well-balanced and focused development process for each child.

Proper Use of Skills:

It is constantly stressed to all students that we require them never to be abusive or offensive and that the martial arts are only for use defensively.

We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict, helping children and adults understand conflict through role-play.

Our younger students are treated with the same respect as adults and are taught to return that respect to others.

We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Come and train in an environment free from physical harm & emotional intimidation.

Achieve your goals for you and your family with like-minded individuals.

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What Our Students Say

My son came to the classes 9 months ago and has achieved so much in his confidence and discipline. I personally think this is a professional, organised class. With mixed classes of children and adults which help with the childrens confidence. It has a very friendly atmosphere with extra activities out of class times.

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Elliot Nightingale

James has shown more maturity since joining hopefully this will continue. James has also shown commitment to a single activity, with no signs of vareing yet.

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James Jerram

As a family we have really enjoyed training at family martial arts centres. We have found that the lessons have something for each of us so that we are all interested in what we are doing.

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Cooke Family

Since Chloe started the leadership course her confidence has increased considerably. She has become more committed to different aspects of her life. She positively enjoys all the sessions.

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Chloe Ward

I feel that Adam has gained confidence and respect to others, he has also gained self discipline which has helped him to perform better at school and its fantastic to see how Family Martial Arts Centres has helped my son.

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Mrs Lucas

Tiger Tots has helped my son's confidence and he really enjoys being part of a team. He also enjoys filling in his home self-improvement charts, which really help me control his behaviour at home.

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Mrs Tyler